Doraemon and the gang are back with a new film titled “Doraemon the Movie 2017: Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi”. The film is set in Antarctica, and the two leads literally head to the continent to promote the film!

Well, when they said they were going to Antarctica, they literally meant it! Doraemon and Nobita went on a promotional tour in the continent. That tour also included a stop in Argentina, where kids and adults alike welcomed the duo warmly.

After taking off from the southernmost city in the world, Ushaia, the pair started their Antarctic journey. They also posed for photo ops and started filming for an upcoming special titled “”The Antarctic Adventure Quiz”. They will be airing the special on 27th January, and will also include messages from champion figure skaters Nobuniara Oda and Mai Asada.

For the special, the duo will also be answering questions regarding the continent. Young viewers around Japan have sent in these questions, and all of them are about Antarctica.

As for the movie itself, it will premiere in Japan on 4th March.

source: animeanime