We all know that Son Goku really loves food as much as he loves fighting. Four Japanese malls are celebrating both food and Dragon Ball in a special “Manga Meshi” (manga food) event, and we know Goku is gonna love eating his way through it!

Gransta, Gransta Marunochi, Granroof, and Granroof Front are all participating for the month-long event, which kicks off on 27th February. The event includes food such as the Spirit Bomb Ramen, the Hong Kong seafood shumai, a special stewed hamburger steak with mashed potatoes, Dragon Ball macaroons, and of course, Senzu beans! Yes folks, the Dragon Ball manga meshi event is also offering up some Senzu beans as seen on the anime. They will also be serving food items inspired by the Dragon Balls themselves like the Dragon Ball Tarts and Dragon Ball Monaka.

The event will also feature a stamp rally, as well as limited edition goodies and photo-ops.

source: animeanime