Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that we have a new Fate anime! During the broadcast of the Fate/Grand Order TV special, they announced that A-1 pictures is adapting the Fate/Apocrypha novels into a TV anime. They also revealed a brand new PV:

They also launched a new official website, and have also revealed a new teaser visual. The new teaser visual shows the servants participating in a new war for the Holy Grail. They’ve also launched a new twitter page, @FateApocryphaTV, as well. They also revealed that the Fate/Apocrypha TV anime will be making its premiere sometime in 2017.

Yuuichirou Higashide and Ototsugu Konoe’s Fate/Apocrypha novels follows a new Grail War which involves 14 servants, seven on each side. The two sides are the Red and Black factions, and Fate co-creator Kinoko Nasu supervised their designs himself.