Chonhyon Park has worked closely with renowned mangaka, Hajime Isayama for his Attack on Titan. Now, he’s working for Kodansha’s Morning Magazine as assistant editor-in-chief. However, the man who has contributed much to Attack on Titan’s Success is in hot water, as he allegedly strangled his own wife to death in their Tokyo home.

The incident happened at around 2:45 a.m on 9 August 2016. According to Police, Park first called emergency services to report that his wife, Kanako Park, suddenly collapsed. However, Mrs Park was announced dead on arrival, and autopsy showed that she was strangled. At the night of the murder, only Park, his wife, and their four kids were at their home, as shown by video evidence. Because of the signs of strangulation, the former Attack on Titan manga editor suddenly became the prime suspect.

Kodansha issued a statement after the Tuesday arrest, saying that “[Park] maintains his innocence. We await the results of the investigation and are dealing with [this incident] with the utmost caution.”

Source: Rocket News 24