Just this weekend, we managed to make our way down to AiiA 2.5 Theatre Tokyo for Wake Up, Girls!

So, what is actually taking place at the venue?

The cast of Wake Up, Girls! are performing a stage play which revolves around the anime. Something fresh that you do not see all the time, unlike voicing the characters or live dubbing on stage. The idol group is now involved in creating their own drama on stage. The true definition of 2.5 dimension where 3 dimensional crosses path with 2 dimensional performed right infront of your eyes.

The play follows sharply the plot of the series, with all seven members from Wake Up, Girls! performing as their respective characters whereas the cast for I-1 Club are different from the anime. However, if you are familiar with Shiho Iwazaki’s voice actress, Yuka Ootsubo, she performed as her own character this time round.

The stage play was well-planned with different scenes from the anime, which brought a very emotional and touching experience for everyone who watched it. It was also mixed with a bit of laughter, cries and of course song and dance.

The stage event runs for a duration of around 2 hours, with performance of new songs:

Wake Up, Girls!
“Yuki Moyou, Koi no Moyou”
Lyrics by: Natsumi Tadano
Composed & Arranged by: Keiichi Hirokawa (MONACA)

I-1 Club
“Knock out”
Lyrics by: Natsumi Tadano
Composed & Arranged by: Hidekazu Tanaka (MONACA)
We will definitely see this two songs get released in the future.

Even though this event is only available from the 19-22 January, DO NOT FEAR!

The blu-ray for this event will be released on the 28 May! It comes with a glorious set of ‘Behind-the-scenes’ footage and a booklet that contains photo-shoot and cast commentary. Remember to purchase it!

Source: natalie.mu