In Tokyo today, Nintendo gave us more details about their latest console coming out on the 3rd of March 2017 for 299.99 USD.

Online Service

The console will launch with an online service that works through your “smart device”. Players can use the service to play online and chat with friends. While the service will be free at launch, it will become a paid-for service in fall of this year


The switch marks the next evolution of the Nintendo console, bringing together the home and handheld console into a hybrid one, allowing you to play at home on your TV, and on the go.

What sets the Switch apart from other consoles in the market is the Switch’s ability to switch from console mode to handheld mode and immediately resume playing, outputting games to its in-built  touch panel display.

The Switch also has a stand on its back that allows you to prop it up on a table while you play on the go.

The console will be charged via a USB-Cl.

The Switch also boasts the ability to connect up to eight consoles locally via wifi.

The Controllers

The detachable controllers, dubbed the Joy-Con can be pulled off the Switch and be used to play two-player games.

Each Joy-Con comprises of a joy stick, four face buttons, and either a home or capture button, depending on which side of the controller you’re wielding, as well as an accelerometer, and shoulder buttons.

The right Joy-Con includes a motion AR camera capable of telling the distance your hand is away from it and the difference in hand gestures.

A new “HD Rumble” feature will also be available on the Joy-Con, this would allow greater immersion into the games available on the Switch.

The Joy-Cons can also be combined wit the Joy-Con Grip turning it into a single controller, with the same functionalities of the Nintendo Pro Controller.

There will also be color variation, but at the moment, they only come in Black, Blue or Red.

You can check out the Demo for the controllers down below.


Now for the part all of you have been waiting for, the games that are slated for release on the Nintendo Switch.

Currently one of two games available at launch is 1,2, Switch, a party game which utilizes the Joycon’s features to take the gameplay off the screen, turning the real world into a play area. With minigames ranging from, wild-west quickdraw to sword fighting. There’s bound to be a game for you and your friends at your next get-together.

The other launch title, is perhaps one of the most anticipated games the Switch has to offer, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Arms, a boxing game with extendable arms was also featured. In this game, player face off either against their friends or a computer controlled AI in a one-on-one fight.

Some of the other games that were announced at the event, were

Splatoon 2 (Summer, 2017)

Super Mario Odyssey (Holiday, 2017)

Xenoblade 2

a new installment to the Shin Megami Tensei series

and as expected Skyrim

others include, Dragon Heroes I &II, Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XII, Shovel Knight, and FIFA.

Here are some of the third party games games announced as well.

Perhaps the biggest news to come from the event today, was that the region lock plaguing past Nintendo consoles will be done away with, bringing it inline with  the other major players in the console  gaming industry.

Overall, I am rather excited with the Switch’s line up and features thus far. While the announcement could do with a Monster Hunter game some where to push more people to the console, I’m sure the game will come in due time. For now, I’ll be happy with running around as a squid dousing my opponents in ink.

Photo and Video Credits: Kotaku, Nintendo