The Yokohama and Tokyo Dome City branches of the Jump Shop have a special treat for Gintama fans. Both stores are currently displaying life-size statues of Gintama characters, with Yokohama featuring Isao Kondou.

The life-size statue features the Shinsengumi leader covered in honey, as featured in the anime’s 65th episode.

Meanwhile, over at the Tokyo Dome City store, Fans can see both Gintoki and Sadaharu. The exhibits for both the silver-haired samurai and the gigantic alien dog can be found right next to each other inside the shop.

In Japan, anime stores usually don’t allow visitors to take pictures of life-size statues. However, unlike many anime stores around Japan, the Jump Store actually encourages fans to take pictures of these displays. So when visiting these stores, don’t be afraid to take out that camera and snap some photos.

Source: Nijimen