Kouichi Yamadera is one of the most respected seiyuu today. However, in 1988, he made a tiny mistake which resulted in having legendary seiyuu Shuuichi Ikeda shouting at him. He talked about the experience during an episode of the japanese TV program, OHA OHA Aniki.

Back in 1988, Ikeda and Yamadera appeared together for Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack. For the film, Ikeda reprised his role as Char Aznable while Yamadera voiced his bodyguard, Gyunei Guss.

Yamadera revealed that he had a black-and-white moral view back then and said that “For robot anime, there are bad guys, and good guys fight them.” He then talked to Ikeda and told him that “Char is a bad guy, and Amuro is a good person, isn’t he?” However, this didn’t go over too well for Char’s legendary seiyuu.

For that, Ikeda told him “You idiot! Gundam isn’t like that!!” He then added that  “So you came here not understanding anything. Idiot.”

Ouch! Looks like Yamadera just triggered Shuuichi Ikeda with one comment. Apparently, Yamadera had no appreciation for the nuances of Gundam‘s characterization and moral messages at that time. Good thing Ikeda gave him a wake up call. He then revealed that he smoothed things over with the voice acting legend over a few drinks.