Despite the fact that his movie did not qualify for the Oscars, Makoto Shinkai’s your name has still made history. Tthe renowned director has been a bit annoyed with all of the anime’s success that he can’t wait to move on and start working on a new project. However, that might not be the case as of the moment.

During the “Huawei Presents Starry Sky Illuminations” event, Shinkai discussed his new upcoming work. He admitted that “the deadline for the proposal is approaching”, but admitted that he still “written a single word”. He said that it’s really getting bad, and added that he’s been reading plenty of books and manga for inspiration. It seems like he’s in a bit of a funk right now, and he’s searching for “something that will link to his emotions”.

Shinkai then started talking about your name. He said that he always wanted the film to be different and have a happy ending. He then talked about the film’s structure, using the traditional Japanese johakyuu (beginning, break, rapid) concept. He also admitted that he plotted the film’s course through a graph and said he wanted to put the audience “through a roller coaster.”

Finally, the director said that he wanted your name to be interesting. He then added that popular films like Disney’s Frozen all want the same thing, which is to be interesting.

Source: mantan