Crypton Future Media is celebrating Miku’s birthday with a huge bang! As the iconic vocaloid character is celebrating her 10th birthday, they have announced her 10th anniversary album titled “Vocalohistory feat. Hatsune Miku”.

 To make the album even more special, they will only be making 3,939 of them, which would make them quite rare. And any Miku fan would know that the number 39 is significant, as it is often read in Japanese as Mi-Ku.

The album will feature 60 tracks across four CDs. It will include songs by renowned Vocaloid producers, 40mP, Mitchie M, halyosy, and many many more.

The album will also bundle several other goodies. These include 15 postcards and 15 can badges, as well as an artbook, which will feature illustrations from renowned Vocaloid artists like Komine, CHRIS, RAHWIA, and many more.

The Vocalohistory feat. Hatsune Miku costs 8,000 yen, and they will be releasing it on 15 March 2017.

Source: netlab