Noragami has gotten a new live-action stage play titled Noragami: Kami to Kizuna. The new play continues the story from last year’s Noragami stage play. Now, a new video from the show showcases the main actors, as well to promote the play itself.

Naohiro Ise will once again okay the god of calamity/war himself, Yato, while Keisuke Ueda reprises his role as Yukine. The play’s official website and twitter page also revealed its own visual featuring Yukine and Yato.

The twitter page also revealed actors Takuma Wada and Ayaka Ando in costume as Kazuma and Bishamon respectively.

Tokyo’s AiiA 2.5D theater will be hosting performances from 16 – 26 February 2017. Premium tickets cost 9,800 yen, while Regular tickets cost 6,800 yen.