Brace yourselves singles, “that day” is almost here! And in Anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Meiji’s Poifull jellybeans has teamed up with veteran seiyuu Norio Wakamoto for a special promotion!

This is all because there seems to be a rumour regarding those Poifull jellybeans. According to the rumour, “if a young lady finds a heart-shaped jellybean in a package of Poifull candies, she will be lucky in love.” Meiji also quickly jumped on this rumour, releasing limited edition jellybean boxes for V-day. Already available in the market, these boxes are guaranteed to have at least one heart-shaped jellybean.

The CM features a special new heart mascot, which is voiced by Norio Wakamoto. He appears in a video where he directs visitors to enter the website with a secret password (恋フルポイフルハートのポイフル) and wishes the visitors some luck in love.

That heart certainly has a lot of ham in him, as expected of Norio Wakamoto. All Hail Britannia!

Source: Crunchyroll