Remember when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appeared at the conclusion of the Rio 2016 Olympics cosplaying as Mario? Apparently, Mario is not even one of the high-profile Japanese characters chosen to promote the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

While iconic characters like Shin-chan, Goku, Luffy, Sailor Moon, and Naruto were chosen, Mario, arguably the most iconic Japanese video game character ever, is not even included. In fact, no Nintendo character was chosen to be part of the collaboration, not even Pokemon! Yes folks, PreCure got chosen, but no Mario or Pikachu. You can check out the anime merchandise here:

However, that does not really mean that Nintendo characters will be completely left out, after all, there are still over three more years to go. According to Rocket news 24,

The exclusion of Mario has a certain logic to it, as all of the featured characters star in significant anime franchises. However, that makes the absence of Pikachu all the more surprising, given that Pokémon had already been a phenomenally successful anime and video game series for several years before Yo-kai Watch’s entrance to those fields of entertainment.

But while this lack of recognition is no doubt vexing for Nintendo fans, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Mario and Pikachu are being entirely left out of the festivities. At the moment, the Character Design Series seems to be targeting Japanese shoppers, since with three-plus years until the Tokyo Games open, not too many foreign sports fans are in the mood to buy official gear and souvenirs just yet. That would also explain why Pretty Cure, Yo-kai Watch, Crayon Shin-chan, domestic smash hits which have had far more limited success overseas, are present and accounted for.

In other words, there’s still a chance, and we may also see more Japanese politicians in cosplay soon!

source: Rocket News 24