Anime tourism has become one of Japan’s most lucrative tourism-based industries. This is because anime pilgrims usually visit places featured in anime, such as Oarai, Chichibu, Ikebukuro, and of course, Akihabara. Now, Saga Prefecture, which was featured in Yuri on Ice, has become the latest area to jump into the anime tourism craze. This is because the prefecture has teamed up with Yuri on Ice for a tourism campaign called Saga on Ice!

The anime prominently featured the prefecture’s many areas, particularly Yuri Katsuki’s hometown, Hasetsu, which was inspired by the town of Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. One of the tourism project’s highlights include the “Ice Castle Hasetsu” ice skating rink. It will be recreating the ice skating rink that Yuri Katsuki used in the anime from 6th – 12th March. They will be including a photo area, as well as display several illustrations around the rink.

They will also feature several local delicacies from Saga, as well as Yuri on Ice-themed foods. They will also be selling original collaboration goodies as part of the collaboration, which runs from 3rd March – 7th May.

In addition, the Karatsu city government’s official website is now also offering side-by-side comparison photos between the real-life locations and the anime. You can check out several of these photos here:

source: Animate