After going on hiatus and undergoing vocal chord surgery, Seiyuu Aya Uchida announced in her blog that she has now recovered. The seiyuu took a 2-week hiatus in order to get the vocal chord surgery.

The seiyuu who voiced Kotori in Love Live previously lost her voice last spring during their Tokyo Dome concert. She then later noticed even more problems with her vocal chords. Because her voice is so important to her work, she got stressed a lot. Because of this, doctors had a vocal cord nodule removed from her. Uchida then announced that her surgery was successful. She got the surgery by the end of December last year.

During her hiatus after the surgery, she was still unable to speak and decided to spend the New Year holiday with her family. So to Aya Uchida, congratulations on your successful surgery, and we hope to see you soon!