Looks like 2017 is off to a good start for a few seiyuu. This is because another seiyuu has announced her marriage in January, and she’s none other than Nozomi Furuki. The High School Fleet seiyuu announced her marriage through her own personal blog.

On her announcement, she said that she is now married and has now entered the Family Registry. However, she did not announce who her husband is. She did, however, describe her husband. She said that her new hubby is a natural person who laughs spontaneously. She also said that she wants to build a family “who can’t suppress their smiles” with him.

The seiyuu announced her marriage last 12th January, which also happened to be her 29th birthday. She then thanked her fans for their support and vowed to devote herself more to work as well.

The seiyuu has voiced plenty of anime characters, including High School Fleet’s Tama and Seven Deadly Sins’ Ellen. She also voiced Chaos Dragon’s Mashiro and Barakamon’s Miwa.

Earlier this month, Rina Satou and Mikako Takahashi announced their respective marriagesSeiyuu Shinnosuke Tachibana also married fellow-seiyuu, Ao Takahashi earlier this month as well.

source: Nozomi Furuki blog