Animation studios in Japan don’t just animate TV anime and films, but they also animate TV commercials. One of the studios doing these, Studio Trigger recently did one for the Kirin Hyouketsu alcoholic fruit beverage. However, that TV ad has suffered a huge setback thanks to a couple of concerned parents groups.

The ad campaign featured four young adults, with Shintaro Asanuma voicing the male characters, and Ai Kayano voicing the females. It also featured some very familiar characters from Trigger’s Space Patrol Luluco. While the ad campaign gets some anime-industry help with Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia), some weren’t very pleased at all.

The Japanese Housewives’ Association, Shufuren, and alcohol and drug abuse prevention society, ASK, both voiced complaints on the matter. Both parents’ organisations have said that the ads promote underage drinking. Both have also called on Kirin and Trigger to end the campaign. It’s safe to say that these parents were pretty… Triggered.

Because of this, they cancelled the campaign’s planned prize giveaway. Winners would have won a case of Hyouketsu and a T-shirt autographed by both seiyuu. There also seems to be the possibility that both companies are planning even more animated ads together.

Both Kirin and Trigger have agreed with Shufuren on not furthering the campaign. However, ASK has called on both companies to hold their web ads to the “same standards” as their TV ads.

Source: 0takomu