Music live information service, “Live Fans”, has revealed which artistes performed the best during concerts last year. Their list include Anisong performers whom did the best in terms of live events. So, which Anisong performers did really well in their concerts? Here are the Top 5:

1. Nana Mizuki – 168,351 concert attendees

2. Mamoru Miyano – 99,219 concert attendees

3. μ’s – 91,200 concert attendees

 4. Kalafina – 81,057 concert attendees

5. Daisuke Ono – 28,942 concert attendees

Nana Mizuki had seven concerts last year, with an average of  24,050 attendees per concert. She took the #1 spot not only because she has a lot of fans, but also because she had a lot of concerts last year. These include huge stadium concerts in Tokyo Dome and Hanshin Koshien Stadium.

However, the largest per concert attendance average didn’t go to the the forever youthful seiyuu. That honor goes to μ’s, which had an average of 45,600 per concert. The reason why they didn’t get the #1 spot may be because they only held two major concerts last year. This contrasts with the #2-ranked Mamoru Miyano, who held 14 concerts last year, but only averaged 7,087 attendees per concert.

Source: Live Fans