Touken Ranbu celebrated its second anniversary with a bang! The franchise recently opened a special anniversary exhibition at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City Complex, and it not only features the original DMM and nitroplus game, but also highlights the live-action stage plays and Hanamaru TV anime.

From set pieces and costumes from the stage plays to production pieces from the anime, the exhibition has them. They also have a gold sliding-screen room showcase featuring 61 sword boys. The exhibition also features game artworks as well as various merchandise and a replica of the Mikazuki Munechika sword.They are also promoting an upcoming new Touken Ranbu musical at the exhibit.

Sunshine City Ikebukuro’s Touken Ranbu Exhibition is now open, so why not check it out if you’re in the area? However, better make it fast, as it will only be open until 15th January.

source: Natalie