Anime fans can be really strict when it comes to accuracy… and I really do mean strict as hell. This is especially true in Japan, where the country’s biggest anime merchandise chain issued an apology just because they got a piece of anime merchandise wrong. And this isn’t really a big mistake, but more of a minor one involving small details.

Animate Cafe is currently celebrating Yu-Gi-Oh’s 20th anniversary. The mistake seems to have come from a mistake in coloring Yugi’s hair. This has affected several collaboration merchandise, including several limited edition 20th anniversary goodies.

Animate knows how exactly discerning their customers are, and that may be why they apologised. According to their official website, fans who received the botched merchandise may exchange it with corrected ones.

However, any collector would know that botched official merchandise may soon lead to expensive collector’s items. Because the returned goods are often destroyed or recycled, the botched merchandise would often become very rare. This rarity would increase its collector’s value in the future. Right now though, Animate is more concerned about the backlash from discerning anime fans who take accuracy really seriously.

source: Rocket News 24