For the first time in their career, the mysterious duo known as ClariS have finally revealed themselves in person. After only appearing as animations or shadows in previous concert events, the two finally showed themselves in front of a capacity crowd at the Nippon Budoukan. Clara and Karen did show themselves, but not fully.

This is their very first Budoukan concert, and it’s called “Futatsu no Kamen to Ushinawareta Taiyo”. The duo did take off their masks for a moment, though they had their backs to the audience and didn’t reveal their faces.

Here are more photos from the concert:

I guess Clara and Karen still intend to keep their identities a secret even after performing at the Budoukan. Their set list includes:

 1. “again”



4. “border”

5. “Hologram”

 6. “Pastel”

 7. “blossom”

 8. “Nemurihime”


10. “Connect”

11. “Luminous”

 12. “Colorful”

13. “Mizuiro Kurage”

14. “Nono i wa Kyosuu”

 15. “Anemone”

16. “Usotsuki”

17. “Gravity”

 18. “irony”

 19. “Clear Sky”

20. “STEP”

 21. “recall”

 Encore 1. “clever”

Encore 2. “Naishio no Hanashi”

 Encore 3. “reunion”

During the concert, the duo also revealed that their 16th single,”Hitorigoto”, will be serving as the OP for Eromanga-sensei. The anime is based on OreImo creator, Tsukasa Fushimi’s latest light novels. ClariS previously performed all the OP songs for OreImo.

Source: Daily Entertainment Clip