The Dark Masters gave the DigiDestined a hard time during the original Digimon Advenure TV anime. Now, they’re back and are ready to settle the score with the now-older “Chosen Children”. However, new problems arise as the Digimon World gets rebooted…

The video focuses on the relationships between the DigiDestined, as well as their partner Digimon. However, trouble seems to be brewing as the Dark masters return. It also teases the Mega Form of Sora’s partner Digimon, Hououmon.

The story picks up where part 3 left off, with the Digimon World now rebooted, and the partner Digimon returning to their baby forms.

The film is titled Digimon Adventure tri. Soushitsu (Loss), and it will premiere in Japanese theaters starting 25 February 2017. The film will also have a home video release (Blu-ray, DVD) on 4 April 2017.