Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this figure collection owned by a collector and modeler named Hank Cheng. It really looks like a normal toy collector’s room, right? It looks like he owns a huge house to be able to have a room like that, right?

However, if you look closer, you’ll realize that it’s no ordinary room. That’s because this figure room is really just a diorama built by Cheng himself!

Using miniature figures and an incredible attention to detail, Cheng created this awesome diorama. He used his experience as a figure collector and modeler to create this masterpiece. And his attention to detail is really fine, as he even placed a mini UNIQLO bag to add realism.

A figure room within a figure room. It truly is roomception if you think about it…

But then again, as soon as he added mini dioramas within this diorama, it also became Dioramaception.

And see that destroyed Tokyo diorama in the image above? He actually used that for a Godzilla figure diorama! What attention to detail indeed!

His other works include this Japanese-inspired Star Wars diorama:

source: Hank Cheng Instagram via Rocket News 24