Gaming has a lot of storied and historic franchises, and one of them is Final Fantasy. And the franchise has made it to the record books, as Guinness confirmed that they earned not one, not two, but three world records!

Final Fantasy XIV took two world records, while the entire franchise itself took one. Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida went to the EU Fanfest 2017 event in Frankfurt, Germany himself to accept the awards.

The entire franchise took the world record for the most entries in a video game series. Currently, the franchise has 87 games, including the 15 main series games, their sequels and spin-offs, and side games. Yes folks, the record even counted the lesser-known ones.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XIV took the world records for longest ending credit sequence and the most background music tracks. The game’s ED credits last 38 minutes, while the MMORPG itself has a total of 384 songs.

Congratulations Square Enix!

Source: Kultur