As Final Fantasy celebrates its 30th anniversary, 15 of its villains take over Nissin Cup Ramen for a new collaboration. This is fresh off that successful collaboration between Final Fantasy XV and the noodle company, which had previously featured a hilariously weird ramen commercial and the product being featured throughout the game itself.

Nissin Cup Ramen will feature 15 Final Fantasy villains in 15 separate ramen cups. They will then sell them in a limited edition set worth 6,048 yen.

Got any picks for your favorite FF villain in there? The collaboration also has a catchphrase, which is “Hunger is the ultimate enemy”. Nissin also revealed that they will only be producing 30,000 of these sets, so better hurry FF fans!

And speaking of the ramen collaboration, Nissin is also giving away 30 Ultima Weapon Forks. Those who purchase the collaborative sets can enter a special lottery in order to win these forks. Up to 30 lucky entrants can win them and then go on to slay ramen like what Sephiroth did to Aerith… oops.

From: Game Watch