The MAGIC 2017 event in Monaco recently featured Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura as one of their guests. The popular game designer then surprised fans when he revealed several new screenshots from two of Square Enix’s upcoming games, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III.

The first still image is from Kingdom Hearts III, and it teases Sora as he prepares to take on a gigantic Heartless. Meanwhile, the second image features an enemy shooting at Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Cloud. Finally, the third image features Cloud and Barret as the take on a Guard Scorpion.

Square Enix will be releasing Final Fantasy VII remake for PS4, while they will be releasing Kingdom Hearts III for both Xbox ONE and PS4. They will release the FFVII remake in parts, while KHIII will feature both Big Hero 6 and Tangled.

The gaming company really hasn’t revealed much about these two games, haven’t they? But sure enough, fans are all hyped up just because of these new stills.

Sources: @FinalFantasy and @KINGDOMHEARTS