Gabriel Dropout has definitely become one of the new winter season’s hottest anime titles. Now, this “heavenly” anime about angels and demons living in the human world is getting itself its own OVA! And the official website also revealed screenshots from the extra episode!

Oh, and don’t worry about those beams of light, because as the anime explained, they are Heaven’s convenient way to keep their angels chaste.

…can’t say anything about those beams of shadow the devils have though…

The OVA will be coming bundled with the anime’s Volume 1 Blu-ray/ DVD limited edition release. They will be releasing the volume, as well as the limited edition bundle, on 24 March 2017.

The OVA episode is titled “Yukemuri Ryojou-hen ~Tenshi no Kiyoraka na Hada ni Semaru Akuma no Wana~.”It follows the girls as Vignette wins a trip to a hot springs resort, while Satania is scheming against Gabriel… again.

Source: Gabriel Dropout Official