Gundam fans have a lot of reason to celebrate. This is because has revealed that they will be streaming Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt. And the best part? They will be streaming the Gundam anime for free! The anime’s first episode is now available via YouTube:

The released episodes are available in Asia with English, Chinese, and Korean subtitles. However, this would only go on for a limited time, so better hurry.

Episode 1 will only be available until 19th February, while they will stream Episode 2 from 19th – 26th February. They will then stream Episode 3 from 26th February – 5th March, before finally streaming Episode 4 from 5th – 12th March.

Sunrise released the anime as a 4-episode web series before getting its own anime film compilation. The anime follows the battle between Io Flemming and Daryl Lorenz in the asteroid belt known as the Thunderbolt Sector.

And speaking of, they are also streaming Iron-Blooded Orphans online. They are also streaming the anime with Tagalog, Indonesiam, and Malay dub.