High School Fleet, also known as Haifuri, is getting itself a 2-part OVA, which will have both a DVD and Blu-ray release. Now, the staff has released new details on the OVA, including a brand new visual:

They also revealed that the OVA will be released on 24th May. Meanwhile, Amazon Japan has listed the OVA to have a 48-minute run time. As for the OVA itself, it’s split into two parts, namely a main disc and a bonus disc. Japanese TV channel, BS11, will also be airing the first part of the OVA on 31st March.

There will also be a limited edition release for the OVA, and it will include a voice drama and character song CD, as well as a character design booklet and stickers. It costs 7,560 yen.

And speaking of Haifuri, the anime also celebrated Valentine’s Day, and even released this new image! It is now available for download as a wallpaper via the anime’s official website.

Source: Comic Natalie