The “beautiful (?)” and infamous artworks by seiyuu Takuya Eguchi has inspired wonder in many people. Now, you can get the chance to own one of his “artworks” when you purchase Hiroshi Kamiya’s latest single!

On 15th February, Kamiya will be releasing his latest single, “Ism Rhythm.” Those who purchase the full-length version from animelo mix will also get the chance to join a lottery, as well as several bonuses. The lottery’s prizes include a picture of Kamiya, which only three people can win.


Another freebie for the song’s digital version includes one of Eguchi’s infamous artworks. And it seems that Kamiya himself was the one who offered Eguchi to draw for his album. However, the artistically-challenged seiyuu admitted that he was nervous when his friend gave him the offer. But he drew the illustration anyway, and in 30 seconds in fact! The doodle’s designs are still a secret though, and will only be available via Android. Here’s a sample of one of his drawings:

Well, that’s Takuya Eguchi for you! Please don’t try to stop being a seiyuu to become an illustrator…

source: Nijimen