Let’s face it, finding a girlfriend or a boyfriend is hard, and finding one who shares your fandom is even harder. However, this is where Japanese dating service and Marriage Consultation office, ToraCon steps in. They are about to open, and they may be able to find you a date who also loves anime, manga, and gaming.

They are a part of the IBJ, which is Japan’s federation of marriage counselors, so you know they’re legit. And like most marriage consultation services, they have access to a lot of lonely singles wanting to find a significant other. However, they have something extra to offer, and that includes your desired partner’s fandom. Want a boyfriend who is also into yaoi? How about a girl friend that also likes yuri? Yes, they exist, and ToraCon may be able to find them.

Their service allows singles to find others who share their hobbies, and even matches them with people who share the same sort of hobbies and interests. They will also be holding singles’ parties for anime lovers, so you might also find one there.

And if you’re shy, don’t worry, they’ll even run date simulations to prepare you for meeting with your date. You can even contact their counselors for some love advice, because they will be available via phone and e-mail.

They also have the “Anime Fan Support plan”, which includes face-to-face counseling, as well as partner introductions. This plan costs 150,000 yen to sign up for, and then includes a 15,000 monthly membership fee. But if you want to have a larger scope, you can try out their “Full Support plan”. This plan costs 230,000 yen yen to sign up for, and then includes a 15,000 monthly membership fee. However, if you do get married thanks to their service, you would have to pay a 100,000 to 200,000 yen exit fee. Hey, love ain’t cheap!

source: Nijimen