There are a lot of ambassadors when it comes to battling climate change. For example, the United States has both former Vice President Al Gore and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Japan seems to have some new climate change ambassadors, and they are a lot more moe that the US’s.

To combat the global crisis, Japan’s Ministry of the Environment has launched a new campaign. It is called “Cool Choice”, and it aims to educate Japan’s youth about the dangers of climate change and global warming. And what better way to reach out to youngsters than with more school girls?!

The campaign includes two anime-style mascots, the first of whom is Ima Kimino. Ima is an irresponsible slob who doesn’t really care about the environment. She leaves the refrigerator door open and also leaves the lights turned on. Of course, this would consume more energy and further global warming, which results in climate change.

However, she has a parallel world equivalent named Mirai Kimino. She makes smarter and more environmentally-friendly choices, as compared to Ima.

For the PR Campaign, the ministry chose from 135 different submissions from different Japanese illustrators. They chose two concepts, one from borges, and the other from Maou_Illust.

The Ministry will then spread information about global warming and climate change using these two characters. They, as well as their illustrators, are hoping that they will become popular and contribute to saving the environment. Videos and apps from the ministry will feature the two characters to help explain about the matter.

The campaign will also feature a VR tour of what it’s like with a warmer climate, as well as videos with climate change experts.

 Source: Cool Choice official