Admirals, get your resources ready, because Kantai Collection’s new Winter 2017 event has now officially begun! For the event, the staff added four new ships, two new destroyers and two carrier submarines.

Destroyer Matsukaze (E-2 Reward)

Destroyer Fujinami

Carrier Submarine I-13

Carrier Submarine I-14

The staff also added a new Abyssal Boss ship for the event called the Abyssal Twin Princesses. They will be appearing as a boss for the game’s E-3 map.

The game will have three maps, with ship locking coming into play. E-1 will have a single fleet map, while E-2 has a combined fleet map. Finally, E-3 has two stages, with the first stage being single fleet, and the second stage is a combined fleet map.

Kantai Collection also adds new Equipment for the event, and they are:

  • Seiran (631 Air Group
  • Saiun (Disassembled for Transport)
  • Submarine Radar & Waterproof Periscope
  • Submarine Radar & Passive Radiolocator (E27)
  • Saiun (Eastern Caroline Air Group)

The event is based on Operation Hikari, which is a transportation operation done by I-class subs to Truk Islands.

So admirals, good luck and don’t be too salty!