As previously featured on WOW Japan in January, Karatsu City — the real-world basis of the fictional city of Hasetsu from the hit anime YURI!!! on Ice, has tied up with the renowned skating anime to promote the local attractions, gourmet food, and native products of Saga Prefecture.

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The tourism campaign is officially called SAGA!!! on Ice, and and to accompany it, a new set of illustrations of YURI!!! on Ice main characters Yuri Katsuki, Viktor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky, and Makkachin has been released. The new art depicts them promoting some of the main products of Saga Prefecture.

Yuri Katsuki x Japanese Rice Wine

Saga Prefecture is one of Japan’s leading rice producing regions. As a result, there is also a long tradition of sake brewing. Saga Prefecture’s sake is characterized by a robust taste of rice, which lead character Yuri Katsuki seems to enjoy a lot — don’t drink too much, okay?

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Viktor Nikiforov x Imari Nabeshima Yaki Pottery

From the 17th century to the 19th century, the Nabeshima clan has been manufacturing a special kind of porcelain in Saga Prefecture. The tradition has been preserved to this day with Imari Nabejima Yaki pottery. Victor continues to show his fondness for traditional Japanese clothing, and this one is made special by the Imari Nabeshima Yaki pattern decorating the collar.

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Yuri Plisetsky x Saga Beef

Saga Prefecture produces some of the finest domestic black beef, nurtured by the fertile lands of Saga and the uncompromising care of its cattle farmers. Yuri Plisetsky highlights this by swapping his usual tiger print shirt for a black bull — even his usual smartphone cover has changed!

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Makkachin x Karawan-kun

Karuwan-kun was born in April 2008 as a mascot for the 400th anniversary of Karatsu Castle. Karawan-kun’s name is a play on words of the phrase “Karatsu is one!”. Karawan-kun is usually seen wearing the helmet of the Karatsu clan’s last lord, Nagamichi Ogasawara, which Makkachin borrows just for a little while.

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Promotional Events

SAGA!!! on ICE in Tokyo: Meiji Jingu Gaien Ice Rink

Event Dates: March 6 (Monday) to March 12 (Sun)
Event Venue: Meiji Jingu Gaien Ice Rink

The event will feature a replica of Ice Castle Hasetsu! There is also a replica of the rink’s Kiss and Cry area when you can take photos with standees of YURI!!! On Ice characters.

A special location tour map will also be given away to all visitors, so you can visit Karatsu City and see all the places featured in YURI!!! On Ice!

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A special menu of collaboration foods will also be featured, using ingredients from Saga Prefecture, for a limited time during the weekend (11th and 12th of March only). A special coaster will be given as a present for every dish purchased!

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SAGA!!! on ICE in Saga Prefecture

Event Dates: March 6 (Monday) to May 7 (Sun)
Event Venue: Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture

Of course, you can also enjoy SAGA!!! on Ice in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture — the real-world basis of Hasetsu City, Yuri’s hometown in YURI!!! on Ice!

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A special location tour map will be given away to all visitors, so you can visit all the places featured in YURI!!! On Ice! Life-size standees of the characters of YURI!!! on Ice will also be put up in various locations in Karatsu City! Let’s have fun in Saga together with “Yuri !!! on ICE”.

Collaboration Items

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Acrylic Keyholder
600 yen (tax included)

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Hand Towel
1,000 yen (tax included)

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Matsubara Okoshi Traditional Rice Snack, Five Varieties
450 yen per pack (tax included)

Matsubara Okoshi is a traditional rice confectionery from Saga Prefecture.

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Borscht (Traditional Russian Vegetable Soup)
650 yen (tax included)

The packaging features Yuri Plisetsky, who also uttered the famous line in the anime, “I’ll turn you into borscht!”

Collaborative goods are available only at four locations: Moeyama Onsen Teahouse, Karatsu City Furusato Hall Alpino, Karatsu Castle Souvenir Store, and Saga Tamaya Main Store!

Collaboration Food

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The taste of home! Katsuki Family-style Hasetsu Pork Cutlet Bowl (Moeyama Onsen Chaya)
900 yen (tax included)
With free original postcard!

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Hasetsu Yaki on Ice with Matcha (Tea & Space Kikouan)
850 yen (tax included)
With free original coaster!

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These coasters are available from 15 local eateries around the city! Just order any item from the collaboration menu and you can get one for free!

A Message from the Prefectural Governor

Saga Prefecture Governor Yoshinori Yamaguchi was very excited when he learned about YURI!!! on Ice, seeing it as a chance to invite people to come see the charms of Saga Prefecture for themselves, and not just in animation.

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“Come to the station when Yuri first returned home, go jogging in the streets he trained on, eat the lovely katsudon — please come to Saga to experience it all! Saga is the best!”, said Mr. Yamaguchi.

We’re super excited to give this a go ourselves! Which feature of SAGA!!! on Ice entices you most? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Nijimen