To promote the upcoming Kuroko’s Basketball: Last game film, the anime has teamed up with the world’s most prominent basketball league, the NBA. For this special collaboration, they will be featuring several KuroBaske characters donning NBA jerseys. The collaboration has now started, and the first one to be revealed is Taiga wearing the Chicago Bulls jersey.

They also revealed Shintarou Midorima, as he shows some Celtic Pride while he sports the colors of the Boston Celtics.

Kuroko’s Basketball mangaka, Tadatoshi Fujimaki himself, chose from eight of the 30 NBA teams for the collaboration. Anime character designer, Yoko Kikuchi, will be illustrating new designs and releasing them daily. Each daily release features a character from the series wearing a jersey from one of Fujimaki’s eight chosen teams.

The collaboration will also feature several new NBA merchandise as a lead up to the film. Several Japanese stores will also be selling them in the days ahead.

As for the Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game film itself, it will be making its Japanese premiere on 18th March. It will feature Team Vorpal Swords taking on an intimidating American streetball team, Team Jabberwock.

Source: Kuroko’s Basketball official