When it comes to cute poses, Japanese school girls may be the best in the world. From the classic V-finger/ peace sign pose to the latest “finger-heart” style, they’ve already done it, and it’s all for looking cute in front of a camera. Now, Japanese idol group, Tokyo Performance Doll, has teamed up with DoCoMo and Snow app for a video to teach people about these poses.

And you thought they would only feature poses from the 20th – 21st Centuries, huh? They even included the classic pose called the “Looking Back Beauty Style” pose, which was from 1685!  The video also featured other familiar styles like the the Tehe – Pero style, which anime fans might be familiar with. They also included classic poses like the Shibuya Gal Style and the Showa Idol style. They even went delinquent with the 1970’s Bad Girl Style!

And here I am wondering why they didn’t include the dab… What?! The dab doesn’t count as cute?!

The video is part of DoCoMo’s new Snow App ad campaign. They are encouraging students to use the app’s animated face effects to create “cute and memorable graduation photos”.

Source: Net Lab