After the success of its animated films and TV anime, Gamon Sakurai’s Ajin: demi-Human manga is also getting a live-action film. Now, the movie’s official website has updated and has now revealed several cast members in costume. Leading the cast is actor Takeru Sato, who plays the immortal Ajin, Kei Nagai.

They also revealed the film’s antagonist, Sato, who looks a whole lot younger than he does in the anime and manga. Go Ayano plays the deadly and immortal villain.

The website also revealed several other cast members, and they are:

Tetsuji Tamayama as Yu Tosaki

Rina Kawaei as Izumi Shimomura

Yu Shirota as Koji Tanaka

Yudai Chiba as Masumi Okuyama

Yuuki Yamada as Takahashi

Minami Hamabe as Eriko Nagai

After the cast members were revealed in costume, cast member, Rina Kawaei, tweeted this bloody photo of herself. She also plays an immortal Ajin character, just like Kei and Sato.

Filming wrapped up last 10 January 2017, with the film premiering in Japan on 30 September 2017. There are also several changes from the original source manga. One of them is the fact that Kei won’t be a high school student, but a medical intern. There is also the fact that Sato is a lot younger in terms of looks, as he is portrayed as an old man in both the anime and manga.

Gamon Sakurai’s original manga follows Kei Nagai, a high school student who suddenly dies after a vehicular accident. However, he turns out to be an Ajin, an immortal demi-human that the government is experimenting on. Because of this, he is now on the run from the government. however, things get more complicated when an Ajin named Sato gets involved.