Seiyuu are one of the busiest people on Earth, and they usually have tight schedules to follow. And sometimes, busy seiyuu would take time to reply to their fans’ messages. One of the busiest seiyuu out there is definitely Nana Mizuki, who unfortunately received threats for not replying to a fan’s message.

The police arrested 32-year old part-time worker, Akihiro Fukushima on the charge of obstructing business. Fukushima messaged the seiyuu and told her that he wanted to meet her. Unfortunately, Mizuki didn’t reply to his message. This resulted into him threatening to kill her. Fukushima also admitted that he did this out of spite because Nana Mizuki didn’t reply to his message.

His tweets contained threats saying that he has no other choice but to “kill Nana Mizuki”. He also wrote other threats as well. The seiyuu’s representatives then filed a case against him on the same day he made those said threats. Mizuki’s agency also increased the seiyuu’s security after he made those tweets.

However, this won’t be the first time a man threatened Nana Mizuki. Back in 2008, a man posted in 2ch that he would “Kill Nana Mizuki and her fans”. The police also arrested him for making such threats.

source: Asahi News