After having over 10 million downloads on their paint app, MediBang is releasing a new mobile APP aimed at fulfilling the colourist in you, with MediBang Colors.

To support Creators from all over the world, MediBang Inc. first created a free comics/illustrations creation app called “MediBang Paint” along with a publishing platform called “MediBang”. And now they are launching a colouring Android app called “MediBang Colors” so that anybody can enjoy colouring!


⇨  What is “MediBang Colors”?

MediBang Colors is an application allowing anyone from beginner to advanced level to enjoy a realistic colouring experience easily.
Launched with over 200 illustrations to enjoy colouring on, you can enjoy it all for FREE.

⇨  “MediBang Colors” features

Paint your own colouring images
Unlike most of the colouring applications, it is possible with “MediBang Colors” to use the “bucket” tool to colour a whole area but also use brushes to paint area with your finger.

You can create a realistic painting experience as if you were drawing with pencils or watercolours.

Get inspired from other users
Users can publish the colouring pages they made in the application. Have a look at them and get inspired for your next painting.

It is possible to discover all different kind of way to colour and image, by looking at the works of other users and expand your creativity!

Create your original colouring pages
In “MediBang Colors” you can not only paint colouring books but also create your own colouring pages.

You can expect updates for the app with new paint brushes and colouring pages for the app.