Kotobukiya’s new Frame Arms Girls (FAG) line of model kits combines cool mecha designs and cute moe girls. That very model kit line also got its very own TV anime adaptation titled “Frame Arms Girl”.

The anime follows Ao Gennai, a normal girl who receives a mysterious package containing a Frame Arms Girl prototype, Gourai. According to the story, Frame Arms Girls are actually small robots capable of independent movement. In other words, they are sentient robots, and Gourai is a particularly advanced model. Now, meet the cast of the anime, as well as their respective seiyuu:

Youko Hikasa as Ao Gennai

Narumi Kaho as Gourai

Yuu Ayase as Stylet

Rika Nagae as Baselard

Erii Yamazaki as the Materia Sisters (White and Black)

Hibiku Yamamura as Architect

Minami Kabayama as Jinrai

ZEXCS and Studio A-Cat are animating the project, with Hayate the Combat Butler’s Keiichiro Kawaguchi directing it. Meanwhile, Rei Murakawa is performing the anime’s theme song, while the FA Girls are performing the ED. This new moe/mecha anime will be premiering sometime in April 2017.

source: MOCA News