As our world gets more and more modern, some customs and traditions slowly fade into obscurity. However, thanks to Makoto Shinkai’s your name, an ancient Japanese tradition is getting a resurgence. The film has placed the spotlight on traditional Japanese braiding called kumihimo, which Mitsuha wears in the film.

Aside from the prominent red one that she’s always wearing, Mitsuha also demonstrated how to make one traditionally. And now, interest in this traditional Japanese handicraft has increased in recent months. In fact, the surge in sales for kumihimo have started back in September, a month after the film made its premiere. There’s also the fact that fans are even making these braids themselves using the traditional techniques.

Young men and women in their teens and 20’s are now buying these braids as mementos from the film itself. In fact, couples are even buying them as a sign of their love for one another. For this practice, the wearers would place them in their wrists, just like what Taki did.

source: Rocket News 24