The new Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic movie premiered in Japan earlier on 21 January 2017. With the film currently being shown in Japanese theaters, they have teamed up with Japanese eye wear manufacturer, Nihon Optical, for some very special color contact lenses.

Nihon Optical will be offering a three color contact lenses set inspired by Sebastian and Ciel. Known as the “RINDA 1 DAY COLOR Kuroshitsuji”, it will include 10 one-day disposable contact lenses. They will contain either Sebastian’s eyes, Ciel’s left eye, or Ciel’s right eye. The company’s official online store is now selling them for 1,980 yen per set.

They are also releasing 1,000 limited edition boxes which contain all three lens types. These come in a special book-shaped box, and they also come with a special bag. Each limited edition box costs 11,800 yen and will contain six contact lens boxes.

Source: Press Release