Japan has a Valentine’s Day tradition where girls hand out chocolates to the guy they like. However, this practice often causes a few broken hearts as some guys never get any chocolate. But don’t worry all you lonely gentlemen, because Re:Zero’s lovable oni maid, Rem, is coming to your rescue!

From 14th – 19th February, Gamers Akihabara will be giving away free Rem-inspired chocolates. This Valentine’s chocolate giveaway will be held on their 7th floor event space. However, Gamers Akihabara is expecting a lot of people to take part in this, so better come early. This is because the anime store will only be handing out a certain number of chocolates everyday. If their allotted number of chocolates run out for that day, they will end their giveaway just for that day. This will go on until the 19th of February, so there’s plenty of time to get chocolates from Rem!

Japanese chocolate brand, Tirol, is making these Rem chocolates. For this Vday giveaway, they will be featuring Rem in the packaging. There will be a total of five designs, but each customer can only get one of them.

source: @MF_GoodsNavi