With Season 2 fast approaching, Attack on Titan and Seiko are teaming up for a brand new collaboration. This new team-up includes new Seiko watches featuring Mikasa and Levi. The company will be accepting pre-orders starting 9th February.

The collaboration features two new watch designs, each one featuring either Mikasa or Levi. The AGAT714: Levi Signature model costs 25,000 yen, while the AGEK740: Mikasa Signature Model costs 24,000 yen.

They also come with a special box, an acrylic stand and a sticker.

However, Seiko will only be releasing 1,200 watches for each of these designs. Of these 1,200 watches, they will be releasing 1,000 of them in Japanese stores. Seiko will be releasing these watches starting 10th March, just in time for season 2’s 1st April premiere!

The Mikasa and Levi watches follow the previously-released Eren and Levi watches, which were released last September.

Source: Press Release