Ibuki Kido and Erii Yamazaki both make up the seiyuu unit, every♥ing. The duo have performed plenty of songs (including a few Anisongs) together, but they just announced that they will both be graduating soon.

The duo announced their graduation plans during their “every♥ing Fantasia-Show 2017 ~Lesson2 Sweet 19 Dream~” live. They revealed that their graduation will be taking place this November, which is also when they will both turn 20.

Ibuki Kido will be celebrating her birthday on 14th November, while Erii Yamazaki celebrates hers on the 20th. They will be holding a graduation concert, which also counts as their birthday concert as well. The duo will be performing at the Nakano Sun Plaza for this graduation/birthday concert.

After their graduation, the duo will now focus on their individual careers as seiyuu. HoriPro will still be managing both of them even after the graduation.

Together, the duo performed the theme songs for anime like Re-Kan, Pupa, Nyanko Days, and Akiba’s Trip. Individually, Kido has voiced characters like Golden Time’s Chinami Oka and Pupa’s Yume Hasegawa. Meanwhile, Yamazaki voiced characters like Re-Kan’s Makoto Ogawa, and will be voicing FrameArms Girl’s Kuro and Shiro.

source: every♥ing official