Sora Tokui may be one of the most popular seiyuu today, but did you know that she’s also a mangaka? Yes folks, the seiyuu who voiced Love Live’s Nico Yazawa is also writing her own manga. It is titled “Makeruna Aku no Gundan”, and it is getting its own TV anime adaptation!

The manga follows a gang of evil-doers plotting to conquer not just the world, but the entire universe. The gang is called the “Aku no Gundan” or “Evil Corps, and a demon known as Don is leading them.

Scheduled for spring 2017, they will be holding a stage event during Anime Japan on 25th March. Meanwhile, Tokyo MX will be announcing the staff and cast on 23rd February. Will Sora Tokui be voicing a character in her own manga? Fellow seiyuu/mangaka Masumi Asano appeared in the anime adaptation of her own manga, Sore Ga Seiyuu, as herself in the final episode.

source: Comic Natalie