With the first of seven Space Battleship Yamato 2202 anime films premiering later this month, Japanese airline company, Skymark Airlines, is teaming up with the anime for a special collaboration. This new collaboration will feature one of Skymark Airlines’ Boeing 737-800 aircraft sporting a Space Battleship Yamato design.

The aircraft will feature decals of Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori on one side, and the Yamato on the other. It will also feature female lead Yuki Mori wearing the company’s stewardess uniform.

Meanwhile, inside the cabin, the aircraft will feature Space Battleship Yamato-themed seats. The seats will once again feature the Yamato itself, Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori.

Additionally, the aircraft will also be playing the Space Battleship Yamato theme song, as well as its background music. As for the aircraft itself, it will take flight starting 25th February. That date also happens to be when they will release the first movie of the new series.

Much like the 2199 remake series, this sequel series will be split into seven parts. The first of these seven movies will be making its premiere on 25th February 2017. The film takes place three years after the events of Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Thanks to a message from the legendary goddess, Teresa, the Yamato and its crew embark on a new journey to save the world. However, a new threat from the Empire of Gatlantis looms ahead.

Source: animeanime