We all know Nissin Cup Ramen’s close relationship with Final Fantasy XV. Part of the partnership between the two is a ridiculous and surreal commercial which got fans talking. That ad also featured Noctis wearing a “Cup Noodle Headgear”, which made the commercial eve more ridiculous. And now, Square Enix is actually making that very headgear an actual in-game item!

Nissin will be releasing a DLC code for the item for Noctis to wear, just like the commercial! This DLC code will be a bonus for those who pre-order the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Boss Collection set. This set of cup ramen  will feature 15 Final Fantasy villains in 15 separate ramen cups. They will then sell them as limited edition sets worth 6,048 yen.

While players in Japan would be getting the DLC code first, international players aren’t ruling out a wider release. As for the ramen ad that started all of this, it’s actually the developers at Square Enix way of returning the favor to Nissin. The noodle company sent them a free delivery of ramen for their hard work in the game.

source: Nissin Official