Members of Sumire Uesaka’s official fanclub, Kolkhoz no Tamanegibatake, have a chance to spend quality time with the seiyuu in the great outdoors! This is because Sumipe herself will be taking a few lucky members with her to go strawberry-picking.

And fans won’t just get to pick strawberries and interact with her, but also have a barbecue session and a photo session with the seiyuu who voices Kantai Collection’s Fubuki and Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions’ Sanae Dekomori. Sumipe will take 120 members of her fanclub to the Misaka Farm Grape House in Yamanashi Prefecture. Since her fanclub has a lot of members, they will be conducting a lottery to decide who gets to go.

Chosen members must pay 19,000 yen in order to participate, and they must do so by 10th March. They will be going to the farm on 16th April, and will meet up with Sumipe at Tokyo Station at 9 am. They will then return back to Tokyo at 4pm.

source: Sumipe bus tour official