Ever since your name’s dominance last year, no other anime film has topped the Japanese box office. However, that all changed last weekend as Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale finally makes its debut. The anime film took the #1 spot in the Japanese box office last weekend, raking in 425,762,760 yen in sales.

The SAO film reached that amount on 308,376, and also broke the opening weekend record for films distributed by Aniplex. The film averaged 2.82 million yen per cinema, as a total of 151 Japanese theaters showed it last weekend. The film also debuted as #1 in both weekend attendance and weekend box office receipt totals. This would make it the first animated film to do so after your name.

Meanwhile, the live-action One Week Friends film took third place last weekend. The live-action adaptation of Matcha Hazuki’s drama manga took 153 million yen at the box office. It also sold approximately 125,000 tickets last weekend.

As for your name, the Makoto Shinkai film fell to 8th place after falling to 6th place last week. Finally, In This Corner of the World took 9th place for its 15th week of screening. The film sold 1.66 million tickets for over 2.16 billion yen, with 301 Japanese cinemas screening it.

Source: Eiga.com